Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fenton Art Glass - Roses on Ruby

I've developed a fairly recent fondness to Fenton Glass due to seeing a couple of Christmas mice in a shop last summer.  It was love at first site.  I now have a small collection and have really come to appreciate the beauty of the glass and the hand painting.

While researching the company, I had learned that they had stopped production in 2011, an over 100 year history as the company started in 1905.  There is extensive research and pages devoted to their loyal fans and collectors have loved their wares for a century.  The items that are in my Etsy shop are from the late 1970's, a collection call Roses on Ruby.  Ruby red glassware was introduced by Fenton in the 1920s and remained a very popular color.  The hand painting on the two pieces I acquired is wonderful, each artist had a unique flair.  Some collect Fenton by artist, there is that much creativity in each piece.  I found a site that includes signature information by artist which I'll include below. The company has re-emerged selling jewelry and glass beads.

Etsy Shop Listing

Etsy Shop Listing

Suggested Reading:
Fenton Art Glass  Their site has a nice history of the company

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